Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions - Tandems Community Principles

What are the Language Tandems Community Principles and what happens when I break them?

As a intern language learning community, we have given ourselves three guiding principles to ensure Language Tandems remains a safe and friendly place to learn languages.

We take care of each other and stand ready to protect our students from those who act against our principles. Depending on the severity of the community principle you have broken, you will receive a warning or a ban from one of our safety team.
If you receive a warning for a second time, you will be banned from the Language Tandems application.

Take a look at our Tandem Community Principles and read it carefully.

1. We are here to learn

On Language Tandems we meet to learn languages together, to help and support each other on our language learning journeys. Tandem is not a dating app. While many of us have become friends along the way, we ask those who just want to meet new people and have no interest in learning to look elsewhere.

2. We celebrate our diversity

We value our different cultures and backgrounds. We meet each other with kindness, respect and curiosity. There is so much to learn from one another. Prejudice, discrimination, racism and sexism have no place in our community.

3. We share generously

We are generous with our knowledge and grateful for the generosity of others. To preserve this spirit, making commercial offers to other Tandem members by promoting a product, service or social media channel is not allowed.

We take care of each other and stand ready to protect our community from those who act against our principles. If you come across a member who is behaving in a way that is not in line with one of the principles, please report them.

Thank you for your help.